Started August 2015

Wapakels (pronounced "wah-pah-kells") is a Filipino slang word normally used as gay lingo for "I don't care". #wapakelstime aims to be a small, unpretentious, low budget series of videos of me and my friends dancing (terribly) in random public areas. It draws inspiration from Gab Valenciano's super selfie, the old Harlem Shake trend, and Walk The Moon's #talkingcovers on instagram.

The main point of the project I guess is an attempt to keep the inner child in us alive. Life's to short to be perpetually pretentious and proper. I think it's important to do something (reasonably) stupid every now and then to keep a little healthy fun in your life.

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Idk I have no explanation for this @a5inco #wapakelstime #teameggedish #allday

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